About Emerald City Collectibles

Emerald City Collectibles was founded by collectors who wish to disrupt the current collectible figure market. One of the first ways we plan on doing this is by taking the pre-order burden off our customers and placing it on ourselves.

While it’s true that Funko, Banpresto, and most other manufacturers in this space will randomly send us merchandise we ordered months in advance, we feel this should not affect our customer’s experience.

We are offering a 90-day pre-order guarantee, which means if you don't recieve your pre-order by the 91st day, you will receive a gift card (that never expires) from us for the total price you paid for the pre-orderd products. The other game-changer is we'll add an additionl 10% of your pre-roder total on the gift card as our apology for the manufacturer’s delay times.

For example, let’s say you purchase $100.00 worth of Funko, and Funko does not get the shipment to us by the 90th day to ship out to you, we’ll give you 1 of 2 options. You can cancel your order by submitting a Pre-Order Guarantee Claim Form, found in the top left-hand corner of our site. You’ll then receive a gift card via email for $110.00 ($100 for the original purchase price of the items and $10 for the apology amount) or keep your order, and we’ll ship it when we receive it from the manufacturer.

As collectors ourselves, we understand the anxiety of receiving damaged products, which is why we package all of our orders with care. For a limited time, we will include an Eco-Tek .50 mm Pop! Box protector on all standard size pops. We also use bubble wrap and shipping boxes rated at a bursting limit of 200lbs per square inch.

Please understand that we have put a lot of thought into our customer’s experience and hope you’ll agree that Emerald City Collectibles is THE place to purchase all your collectible figures and toys.